Divided We Stand – United We Fall

By:  Rev. Gary James

Freedom is the oxygen of a healthy faith. Freedom enables us to cultivate and maintain an inner identity that is rooted in our depth and to which we are faithful in our outward behavior. We do not follow traditional religion’s internalization of an external authority or creed.  Our way in religion is through an inner directed faith, building values and standards from within outward, creating an internal and open-minded authority.  Our faith is not for everyone.  Dogmatists are excluded!  One of my favorite old New Yorker cartoons portrays that typical New York cocktail party scene with a man talking with a woman seated on the couch next to him and saying to her: Actually, I don’t mind living a lie.  That’s where the Unitarians and I part company. Taken seriously ours is a very demanding faith and I perceive my role as minister to be not only celebrating our freedoms but also articulating the disciplines and responsibilities of freedom.  Unitarian Universalism is not a liberal ideology, not an idea or a series of ideas that can be spelled out; it is a way of living, a way of being in the world.  It is not even freedom; it is what we do with freedom.  It is what we do with our lives; do with our freedom individually and collectively.

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