Unitarian Universalists are a diverse community.  Though we each have our own spiritual path, our UU 7 Princples unite us and we find great value in connecting with other open-minded people in a church that encourages reason, compassion, and respect.

Ways to get connected:

Pastoral care – Rev. James


Friendship Circles –  Three separate groups of 8-12 members each meet on a monthly basis to strengthen bonds of friendship and discuss life as it relates to our 7 Principles.

Men’s group – The name says it all.

Social activities –  We like to have a good time together!  Be sure to check out the Photos Gallery for evidence.

Committees –  You can’t be a successful church without volunteers to make things happen.  Find a committee that looks interesting and ask how you can help!

Book clubs –  Get your weekly dose of intellectual stimulation.

Support groups –  We currently don’t have any support groups meeting at the church, but are open to hosting.  Contact Rev. James if you would like to propose a group.


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