Every growing organization always has plenty of work that still needs to be done… and we’re happy to say that UUU is no exception!  If you have time or talent you’d like to contribute, contact one of our committee chairs to see how you can get involved.

Adult Enrichment Opportunities  — Lillene Fifield (541) 672-4590.  Michael Wheeler.  Provides quality forums, classes, and discussion of spiritual, educational, political, and social nature for the personal growth of our church community.

Art— Joyce Swanson Chair (541) 464-5857.  Elaine Balderston, Jemma Crae, Jeani Sage, Kandi Kato, Nell Moser, Mary Ann Wilcox, Paul Zegers.

Beautifies the church, curates artwork, and creates a welcoming atmosphere for a church community.

Board of Directors — President, John Aschim; Vice President, Joe Messinger; Secretary, Julienne DeMarsh; Treasurer, Lois Becker; Members-at-large, Jan Woodward, Pat Zemlin, Connie Erickson, June Ervin.

Building Maintenance—  (541) 672-8094. – Contact Person, , John Aschim, Nell Moser,

Maintains and oversees the church properties.

Cares and Concerns — Joyce Swanson  (541) 464-5857.  Pat Zemlin, Jan Woodward, Lorrie Agost-Caley.  We are here to help during needed or difficult times.  Emotional support, bake a casserole, visit sick/homebound, assist in memorial services, dry a tear and share a laugh.

Endowment Committee— Dana MacDonald, Chair (541) 679-4655. Phil Moser, Treasurer, Diana Wales, Doris Heyman

Educates members on how they might include UUU in their wills and trusts.

Food Drive Coordinator/FISH Rep — OPEN.  Umpqua UU is one of several churches in Roseburg collecting food and clothing for the needy in our community.

Finance/Events — Doris Heyman, Chair (541) 957-0541. June Ervin, Phil Moser, Joe Messinger, Joann Pico.  Our financial committee also coordinates various church events and fundraisers.

Membership— Al (801-444-9574) and Mary Herring (541-391-6111) Co-Chairs; Joyce Swanson, Doris Heyman.

Leads efforts to increase UUUC membership and diversity through education and advocacy. Arranges greeters for Sunday services, follows up with newcomers, makes sure that reading materials are available for visitors, provides periodic UU Orientations, and organizes coffee-hour treats and welcoming ceremonies for new members.  To invite, include, and engage all who enter our church.  Provides greeters for Sunday services, assists with new member orientation.

Music — Michael Wheeler (541) 221-9181.  To enhance the religious and spiritual experience of our members and service attendees through music.

Office — Doris Heyman (541) 957-0541.  Produces the Order of Service, The Umpquest newsletter, church directory, and other items as needed.

Nominating Committee — Headed by Nell Moser and our new members for it are Judy Robertson and Mary
Ann Wilcox.

Pledge –Al (801-444-9574) and Mary Herring (541-391-6111) Co-Chairs; Phil Moser.

Organizes and leads efforts each April to secure pledges which will meet or exceed income levels budgeted for the coming fiscal year.

Publicity — Joe Messinger, Chair (541) 637-5231.   Fill out the Event Publicity Form so the Publicity Committee can help tell the world about your committee’s upcoming event!

Religious Education (Children’s) —  Connie Erickson  (541)-672-7458.

Sunday Services & Music Committee–  Michael Wheeler –Jemma Crae, Co-Chair  (541)-679-4655 . Martha Sinkula, Co-Chair & Secretary, Lillene Fifield, Jacie Pratt, Jan Woodward, Lucy Harrington.  Responsible for co-ordinating the music and providing a rich Sunday service.

Visioning—  Pat Zimlin, Dana MacDonald, Jacie pratt, Diana Wales, Merlin Hill.

Webmaster — Henry Sill (541) 378-7982.  Responsible for maintaining the church website.


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