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Why Should I Become a Member – Umpqua Unitarian Universalist Church of Roseburg, Oregon

Why Should I Become a Member

Why should I attend the Umpqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation?

This is a good question, especially when being asked by someone who may appreciate the importance of spirituality, but doesn’t embrace “an organized faith or religion.” To those people we’d say, “You’ll love our Congregation. It’s completely disorganized.”

We have heard of people who label “spirituality” as good and “organized religion or faith” as either bad or quite expendable.

Would these same people not say, “I believe in medicine but I do not believe in medical schools, hospitals and clinics?” Would they say, “I believe in law and justice but I do not believe in law schools, courts and police?” And would they say, “I love art and beauty but I do not believe in art schools and museums?” If medicine, justice and art are worth fostering, there must be institutions devoted to those purposes. And so it is with faith.

Let us list briefly some of the major contributions our Unitarian Universalist Congregation makes to the quality of our lives.

Our free Congregation provides the ideal setting for reflection, meditation and inner discovery where that which is noblest within ourselves reaches out toward that which is highest in the universe.

In a noisy world it enables us to pause periodically to listen to the still small voice of the spirit within us.

Our Congregation provides a place of assembly for the Unitarian Universalist community and for the many organizations of our youth and adults.

Our Congregation is a place where believers in liberty and lovers of liberty can come together. It is a place where men and women of open views, high hopes, strong faith, broad charity and wide activity can congregate. Our Congregation is a meetinghouse where souls who cherish freedom can gather.

The free congregation has been the most potent force for sustaining a continuity throughout the unwelcome changes of our history. It continues to nourish our will to proclaim our freedom and to provide joy in living our generous open-hearted faith.

Our Congregation keeps alive and articulates our most treasured memories, our most fervent beliefs and our most cherished hopes.

Our Congregation provides fellowship for Unitarian Universalists, and those of any faith or no faith, who take their heritage seriously. People who look to that heritage to provide guidance, solace and inspiration.

Our Congregation nurtures our faith in the coming of an era of peace and justice for people of all races, colors, creeds social and sexual orientations. It gives us the courage to work for the creation of a community for all, and the patience to wait for it.

In all of human history we believe we have done scarcely anything more wonderful than to create the free congregation. No other human institution is as committed to the uplifting of the human race in the fullness of its creative possibilities.

We invite you to visit us and see for yourself.

The Umpqua Unitarian Universalist Congregation


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