Adult Enrichment Opportunities

AEO (Adult Education Opportunities) upcoming event.

………  7:00 PM at the church




Date: April 12th  –  7 pm   Exploring Goddess Pantheons

With Bethroot Gwynn, poet, editor, ritualist,  continuing UUU service of Feb. 12. 


Some Goddess names are familiar to some of us from our school hood days with the Greco-Roman classics: Athena, Juno, Diana, Hera, Aphrodite . . . .

New names spring up every day, including from our intuitive revelations: Asphalta, Goddess of Parking Spaces.

Others have emerged from studies by anthropologists, the mists(myths)of herstory, insistent research by feminists, and vastly expanded multicultural awareness of spiritual traditions worldwide. Goddess names are legion: Ishtar, Tian Mu, Nyx, Mekla, Kali-Ma, Oya, Morrigan, Pele, Quilaztli . . . . On and on the lists go.

Bring your favorite Goddess lore. We’ll talk, marvel, laugh, maybe sing and call upon the Fierce and Beneficent Goddess powers we need in these times. 






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