Becoming A Member

Whether you are new to the Unitarian Universalism or have been a member of another UU congregation, we welcome you to join our Church community.

If you’ve attended our Sunday services or Wednesday Adult Enrichment Classes, you might thinking of becoming a member of UUU.

  • See Rev. James for the date of next New Member Orientation classes.
  • The classes will give you information about the history of Unitarian and Universalism as well as a history of the UUU church.  Questions, if you have any, are encouraged.
  • Then you’ll participate in a New Member Recognition Sunday Service where you’ll be introduced to the congregation and sign the Membership Book.

Umpqua UU Church has four expectations of our members:

  • Attend Sunday services to be in community with others.
  • Share the ministry in some way through the generous offering of your time and talents.
  • Develop a spiritual practice to ground yourself and deepen your inner life.
  • Pledge generously that others might be blessed by the work of our church.

If you are a Unitarian Universalist joining us from a previous UU congregation, See Rev. James about the procedure for signing our membership book.

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